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Class of 2015
I remember the first batch of seniors I said goodbye to. I was a brand new teacher and had just spent the last six months, an hour and a half a day, talking, reading, and writing with them in a »
The Mural
Creativity takes courage. Shavona Dacosta has given us the courage to work hard knowing that we will achieve success if we don't give up. The mural titled "Reach" located at the main entrance of the »
Developing Student For Service
Teenagers possess enormous potential as leaders if they are channelled in the right direction. They have the capacity to become leaders in all walks of life. Increasingly, schools have taken on the »
Spiritual Emphasis Day
The students and faculty at Tarrant High School experienced spiritual growth as they spent time with the God Centre Team giving thanks for small mercies as the Easter term came to an end .  The »

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Courses Offered

Standard Program High School Courses Here are all the courses that are offered at Tarrant High School in order by grades. The Grade seven to nine students are required to complete all courses »

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Take a peek at our listed schedule of events and never miss a school happening, meeting or date. If there is an official announcement given by our school you can be sure to find it noted here. »

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The objective of the THS education-based Athletics programme is to provide opportunities for students to participate in a variety of sports throughout the school year. The program strives »

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At Tarrant High School we pride ourselves on giving our students a rounded education experience by offering academics, extra-curricular activities, health and good lifestyle talks year-by-year, and »

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Our Documents area is a repository for the storage of all forms and documents that our offices issue out. These include electronic versions of all documents issued to parents and non-students, as »

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Our mission is for all of our students to be college and/or career ready upon graduation. Work-study experience can cultivate a strong network of professional relationships that will benefit »

From the Principal

“It’s cool to be bright”. We are pleased that by and large our students matriculate to sixth form, and they do so, at times with five CSECs. Go THS! Amidst our challenges we are sincerely proud.

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