TYSON… outside of the home, teachers are the ones who are in that position to change a life and chart a destiny.

ACTING Principal of Tarrant High School and highly revered educator Esther Tyson, charged a group of teachers last week when she identified them as the hope of the next generation as they seek to ‘love, teach and grow students who are products of a society that has lost its way’.

She appealed to the teachers to believe in their students and not condemn them as underachievers, no matter their circumstances.

Tyson said many students are offspring of a generation of parents who do not put their children first. However, research has shown that these students can overcome their difficult circumstances and thrive if they find one adult who believes in them, encourages them, and holds them accountable.

She encouraged some 150 teachers from St Catherine at a Teachers’ Day luncheon, hosted by the Jamaica Broilers Group at the Caymanas Golf Club, to each be that individual who can make a difference.

Speaking on the luncheon’s theme ‘Love, Teach, Grow: A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, touches a heart, and helps one grow’, Mrs Tyson said that “outside of the home, teachers are the ones who are in that position to change a life and chart a destiny for their students. Sometimes when you pull the students aside and allow them to talk, without being judgemental, you find the most heart-breaking stories.”

She said that the general student population now comprised the emotionally deprived, sexually and mentally abused, as well as those who have not been taught good manners and correct social interaction because of lack of parental care and spiritual guidance.

“In previous generations we had absentee fathers, now we have absentee fathers and mothers; the latter of whom have gone abroad, leaving the children with guardians who are physically present but not engaged with the children”, she noted.

Tyson, who has also served as motivational speaker, left the teachers with the message that saving the next generation was their responsibility and as such they should not to be discouraged.

“We can use our own past to help guide them, because some of us have been there, done that. So we need to extend care to our students from that position of understanding.”

Originally Posted by The News Desk (May 11, 2014 )
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