Teenagers possess enormous potential as leaders if they are channelled in the right direction. They have the capacity to become leaders in all walks of life. Increasingly, schools have taken on the important responsibility of developing students’ character through co-curriculum activates and Tarrant High School has taken on this challenge. Tarrant hosted a first-rate Clubs and Societies Fair in the school’s auditorium on the 17th of March 2015. The clubs and Societies brought to the fore an excellent exhibition of creativity and potential to prospective club members and classmates. The students were encouraged to gain strength from the experience they were signing up for as each club provided a unique opportunity for students to explore and discover their hidden talents. The students came out in their numbers and over five hundred students signed up for a club.

Tarrant High School is devoted to developing the total person mentally, physically and socially. In addition to scheduled classes a variety of activities through clubs and societies were offered to the students. It is the intention of the that through these clubs and societies to develop optimally rounded individuals. Encouraging student learning and development through active participation in thoughtfully organized service through the activities of these clubs and societies. Fostering school pride and engaging the students through a variety of medium is the optional goal of Tarrant’s Principal Mrs. Pryce. Clubs such as the Energy Club, 4H, Cosmetology Club, Cadets, Red Cross, Journalism Club, Spanish Club, Entertainment Club, Girls Guide, Mathematics Club, ISCF, Art Club, Key Club, Sign Language Club, Dance Club, Music Club, Culinary Club and Drama Club were all on display, welcoming students to join and become a part of the experience. It was a day well spent with the students enjoying the sights of Tarrant High School and the best of what the school has to offer.