The students and faculty at Tarrant High School experienced spiritual growth as they spent time with the God Centre Team giving thanks for small mercies as the Easter term came to an end .  The students heard several testimonies from person who have found peace in the lord, overcoming all adversities. The testimonies were presented through various medium with the musical renditions had the students fully engaged and singing along. The God Centre Team along with Teachers became an outlet for students to vent and pray as they renewed their faith in the lord. It was a fitting ending to a school term as they went on Easter break the school population turned itself over to the lord for guidance and protection. At Tarrant High School being educated is not all about what you learn in the classroom.

We educate our children in both the spiritual and academic topics they will need to succeed in life. Pursuing the right education prepares us to more fully serve the lord. Importantly, true education begins with the acknowledgement that there is a great Creator God, who is the source of all knowledge and all wisdom.